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8-Side Seal Pouch | 8邊封直立袋

8-Side Seal Pouch | 8邊封直立袋

The 8-side sealing bag is a kind of composite packaging bag, as the name implies, has eight sealing edges, four bottom sealing edges and two sides on each side. This type of bag is a new type of bag that has emerged in recent years. It can also be called "flat bottom bag,  side gussets zipper bag" and so on. At present, many well-known brands are using this bag type. The eight-side sealed bag is widely favored by consumers because of its good three-dimensional effect and relatively high-end look.

八邊封袋是複合包裝袋的一種,顧名思義就是八條封邊、底部四條封邊兩邊側面各兩條邊。這種袋型是近幾年興起的新袋型,也可稱 之為「平底袋、風琴拉鏈袋」等等。目前很多著名的品牌都在使用這種袋型。八邊封袋因其立體感好、看上去比較顯檔次,廣受消費者青睞。


  • PRODUCT INFO | 產品資料

    Size : Customise

    Material : Kraft-paper/ White-paper/ Special-texture paper ; laminated with LDPE/ PET/aluminum, other materials also available by request

    Printing : Full-Colour available

    Finishing : Zipper, seals, etc.


    材質:牛皮紙/白紋紙/特殊紋理紙; 與LDPE / PET/ 鋁膜複合而成,其他材料也可根據要求提供



  • LEAD TIME | 生產期

    Production lead time 14-18 days

    * Special order with tight schedule please contact us for assitance




    Shipping will be arranged upon finished the goods and shall be able to ship around the world, please contact us for more details.


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